It’s extremely important as a business owner to educate yourself in ALL facets of your business and our plethora of services, digital guides, workshops and soon-to-be eCourses will do just that. Our goal is to have you operating your business successfully like the smart business woman you are.

The Womeneur™ platform aims to provide resources, advice, motivation, events and community to help you propel your growth as a female entrepreneur.

You’re here and that means you are well on your way to creating a business and life that gives you value and fulfillment. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your entrepreneurial journey.

We invite you to read a welcoming message from our founder, Sharon Beason.

Remember ─ this is just the beginning. Sharon and the team at Womeneur have a lot planned for you. We look forward to sharing, learning and growing with you. Welcome to the Womeneur community!

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  • “You consistently pour into me as a newcomer to entrepreneurship! The fairy god mother to the boss chicks… love it!”

  • “I appreciate you using your platform to speak facts. Even though there are others who create awesome things. You walk with your gifts and own creativity. Thank you @womeneur.”

  • “When you need real advice and truth about your entrepreneurship journey, @womeneur is the real deal. Founder Sharon Beason is a serial entrepreneur with many years in the business, dishing out real advice to real entrepreneurs.”