WomeneurCon 2018 is proud to welcome Hostess & Connector, Simone S. Gray as Event Co-Hostess.

Simone S. Gray was born in Brooklyn New York. At a very young age Simone believed that the sky is the limit.  Simone S. Gray knows that her purpose in life is to Create, Cultivate, and Connect and she does just that as the Creator and Founder of Some ME Time LLC.  Simone uses her magnetic personality to connect to women as a way to inspire and educate them about the importance of self-care and self-expression.  Connecting to new people is simply what she does! If you observe Simone in her actions of engaging with others, you will inevitably realize that she has mastered this skill. Her natural ability to motivate others can not go unnoticed. She has helped individuals of all ethnic backgrounds; mainly women who gradually were able to define a clear understanding of themselves through a self care approach (Some ME Time) while simultaneously investing valuable time in themselves.   In her spare time Simone enjoys investing quality time with her family and friends, creating wearable art, Sunday Brunch and Networking.  Fellow-shipping with other beautiful women and utilizing some time in creative writing have become some of Simone’s essential aspirations.

It is safe to say that Simone is definitely beginning the journey of walking in her life’s purpose.


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